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The hydrotherapy tub is t
he largest, deepest hot tub on the market!
Specifically designed for two needs: Muscle Recovery and Muscle Rejuvenation, the hydrotherapy tub is available with 3 seating options, 2 heating options, sits 5' tall and is over 7 feet wide. Featuring full body hydro therapy massage, this tub has minimal seating capacity leaving the bulk of the tub open for standing movement and aqua size aerobics.
It is specifically designed for two needs: Muscle Recovery and Muscle Rejuvenation.

Aqua Therapy
This hot tub is designed for customers that want more out of a hot tub. Until now hot tubs were limited in their ability to allow movement. The extra depth of this tub makes it ideal for aqua therapy. Yes "exercise" in a hot tub! Our specially designed aqua seat arrangement opens up the rest of the hot tub allowing a full range of aqua aerobics. You're entire body can float in this tub. It is even possible to do simple swimming exercises such as treading water.

Full Body Massage
The aqua center has a unique 360 degree massage center. This is a wall of jets specially designed to provide hydro massage from head to toe. Because you are actually standing, you can massage your entire body including the front and sides. This is simple not possible in any other type of hot tub or plastic spa.

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Cedar Hydrotherapy Hot Tub

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