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Cedar Ofuro Tub - 2 Person Japanese Deep Soaker Hot Tub
Cedar Ofuro Tub - 2 Person Japanese Deep Soaker Hot Tub
Cedar Ofuro Tub - 2 Person Japanese Deep Soaker Hot Tub

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Japanese Deep Soaking Tub

Everyone needs a way to relax and blow off some steam. Our two person deep soaking tub allow you to do just that! Slowly sink into the deep, warm, relaxing tub to shed your worries, stress, & truly relax! Available in either round or oval shapes, these tubs are comforting, spacious, & luxurious!

Ofuro tubs originated in Japan where taking a bath is more than just cleansing your body, it is a spiritual ritual and the our Ofuro tubs are designed to provide that same experience. Choose a classic tub with no heater or one of the heating options including: gas, electric, propane, or a wood.

Customize your tub with a variety of cover colors. Select either a round (48" diameter) or Oval tube (35" Wide x 68" Length). Both tubs are designed for a 25" max interior water height (30" exterior height), ideal to provide full body soak while still able to enjoy your surroundings.

Japanese soaking tubs can be installed indoors or outdoors. With interior installs consider a floor drain or shower basin, as these tubs have no liners. Also, on interior install consider steam. Most people like their soaking tubs very hot, so ventilation is critical! Exerior setups require minimal consideration, other than location, heating choice, & eletricity.

All Ofuro Deep Soaking tubs come fully assembled with a standard center positioned stainless steel drain that connects to any 1 1/2" PVC drain pipe(other positions available on request). The classic tube is the entry level model with no heater, step up with added heater options, covers, & dulux package to make your dreams come true.

Cedar Wood Benefits

- No other wood has the insulating value of cedar.
- Cedar provides a natural insulating tub that is equivalent to a plastic tub.
- Cedar has long been known for its resilience to decay and rot.
- Cedar is the choice in outdoor wood for most high end custom homes
- Cedar has the ability to withstand extreme temperature variations including moisture and heat.
- Cedar is naturally resistant to termites and other insects.

What makes a cedar tub stand out, compared to other "spas", is the style, beauty, ambiance and aromatherapy that can only come from a 100% clear wester red cedar. We believe you'll agree that the experience and pleasure of owning a wooden tub is hard to beat!


Base Tub Package plus..
- C
edar side shelf (2 Foot by 8 Inch)
- Cedar backrest (2)
- Cedar stairs to enter tub
- Heater Enclosure*

* All exterior electric heater installs require electical heaters be covered. This can be accomplished with the Delux Packaged heater enclosure or DYI can install under decks or build your own enclosure to prevent elements from entering your heater.


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Sauna Backrest Made from Real Cedar (Set of 2) Water Treatment Starter Kit Clear Blue Mineral Ionizer Corona Discharge Ozonator
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Sauna Backrest Made from Real Cedar Water Treatment Package Clear Blue Mineral Ionizer Corona Discharge Ozonator