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Coveside Northern Flicker House
Coveside Northern Flicker House
Coveside Northern Flicker House

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Coveside Northern Flicker BirdHouse

The Northern Flicker woodpecker includes five subspecies: Yellow-shafted Flicker, Red-shafted Flicker, Gilded Flicker, Guatemalan Flicker and Cuban Flicker. Only three subspecies are found in North American, including the Yellow-shafted, the Red-shafted and the Gilded.

Flickers live in a variety of woodland habitats. They have adapted well to human habitation and occur in urban, suburban, and rural areas, in parks, and near farms and woodlots. They nest near clearings or other open areas, at forest edges, and in forests interspersed with meadows, fields, and clear-cuts. Nests are also found in savannas and near swamps, ponds, and recently flooded areas.

The Northern Flicker will nest in boxes. Boxes should be packed tightly with sawdust to get the Flickers to nest. The Coveside Northern Flicker House comes with wood chips and a slate predator guard to keep squirrels from enlarging the entrance hole. Flicker houses should be mounted 6 to 30 feet high with the entrance hole facing southeast.

If a flicker is pecking a hole in a building, mount this house over the area and allow for a more suitable nesting spot.

- Norther Flickers typically utilize birdhouses
- Comes with Wood Chips
- This house is built for the Flicker's large body!
- Made in the USA of White Easter Pine
- Dimensions: 17-3/4" high x 9-1/4" wide x 11" deep
- Range: U.S. and Canada