Add Full Assembly to Your Cedar Tub
Add Full Assembly to 10 Person Cedar Tub
Add Full Assembly to Your Cedar Tub

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Product Code: CEDT-ACC102


Fully assembled tub and seats.

We offer our customers the options of doing your own hot tub assembly or we can pre-assemble the hot tub for you at the factory.While most people choose the DIY hot tub kit there are others that simply do not have the time to assemble the hot tub and would prefer someone else to do the work. For these customers we offer factory assembly of the hot tub.

Choose Factory Assembly Option.This means that the hot tub is fully assembled including the seats. The plumbing is also completed at the tub and at the pad containing the main equipment. The advantage of a pre-assembled hot tub is in our experience. We have assembled literally 100s of hot tubs and have the equipment to ensure you will receive the tub assembled by experienced professionals. Note:

Be aware that factory assembly will increase the shipping fees. Our normal shipping fees are based on a flat pack DIY kit and are relatively low. Typically the added cost of factory assembly includes our labor costs plus the increases in shipping costs

When ordering your tub pre-assembled you really need to have 3 or 4 guys to pull the assembled tub off the truck. If you do not have 3 or 4 people ready to remove the tub from the back of the truck, they may refuse delivery. Even though there is a tailgate on the back of the truck, they are only so big, and the driver has the right to refuse delivery if they feel that it would not be safe.